Saturday, March 18, 2017

Moved To Lilytbh

Hey there peeps!

Thanks for the support all these while!

I've been blogging for years now with various blogs, but I've stayed with this blog the longest.

It's been a wonderful journey, but as with all beginnings, there are endings.

I've moved to lilytbh , feel free to check me out there from time to time and follow my blog!


Monday, August 1, 2016

Experience As A Sales Assistant In A Retail Pharmacy

So it's been ages since I last blogged here!
I used to blog at projectideas but somehow this felt more like home :)

it's already 1 month since the 2nd year sem break started.
Reminds me that I have not updated my 2nd year life heheh 
*coming soon*

Personally felt that I made a good decision
by applying to pharmacies for a part time job
as soon as the break started.
technically as soon as my friends and I splurge on good food and shopping
to treat ourselves post-exams haha.

So in the end, I worked at this retail pharmacy.
Unfortunately, those with pharmacists need only full-time staff
so I had to settle for those without my seniors *sobs*.

Although I only worked for a short period of time,
I learnt a lot, every single day.

The best part about retail is meeting lots of people.
You meet all sorts of people,
from the kind mak cik giving you an extra ringgit 
for advising her how to save money with PWP,
to the irresistible kids learning how to count change.
Then there were guys paying for condoms 
who wanted the transaction to end as quickly as possible.
Oh and not to forget the playful 
yet madly in love couple that
infected us with their romantic joy.

there were also customers on the other side of the spectrum.
Glad to say though that those were 1 in several thousand ;)
In fact,
I do think that these customers remind us 
to be vigilant all the time
and to give our best always.

Oh besides the customers,
I had beautiful people working with me.
They taught me everything from scratch.
From the products available in our outlet to being a cashier,
I must credit them for teaching me so many things.
Also not to forget the togetherness feeling of the team!

In addition,
my parents were super supportive of me working there.
I particularly liked my daily commute to and fro 
my working place with dad.
Although he liked to tease/nag me,
it was a perfect bonding time imo :')
Oh and my parents absolutely love fetching me at night
when they could do grocery shopping at the nearby mall
*hint half-priced lasagnas*

A very important lesson that I learnt while working there was 
that beauty and wellness are not something 
one should take for granted.
After seeing my customers being so passionate 
on all sorts of products that I previously will not look at at all,
I came to know what all these products are for.
I must admit I got influenced a little
by taking care of my skin better than I did before. 

I really enjoyed working there because I was busy.
That's when I knew as long as I don't challenge my comfort zone,
I would be filled with unnecessary thoughts and emotions that hinder my actual potential!
PS The best part about being a cashier is actually greeting people with a smile!
Oh and the second best part was 
when they accept your offer of purchasing PWP 
and even better, CRM.
I could feel my heart ballooning every single time the latter happened!

All in all,
it was the best working experience I had so far!

Cheers to a meaningful first half of sem break! :D

Friday, April 15, 2016

Late Night Thoughts On Unity

So I've been away from blogging for too long
and I know hahaa.
I figured I'd do one 
about a topic I feel so strongly about,
particularly today
(considering I was doing Hubungan Etnik assignments 
and just finished watching a heartwarming drama on unity).

I'll confess that I didn't mix as closely 
with those of other races prior to asasi days.
Maybe I was slightly influenced by 
surrounding stereotypes and immaturity.
But somehow deep inside me,
I felt all of this weren't right.
It doesn't make sense.
Why should a complex individual be 
judged to have certain characteristics
just because he/she was of a certain race?
Logically this simply didn't fit.
I had quite a few close friends
during secondary school which were from different races.
Malacca, after all, is a great place to meet many 
people with different cultural backgrounds.

And then during asasi,
I had the chance to be closer to those of different races.
it was a chance to put those stereotypes away for good
and to prove my logic right.
I wasn't disappointed.
Dorm life and the stress of our programme
brought us close to each other,
and it didn't take long for us 
to love each other as a family with such a strong bond.
I've never felt more Malaysian
and I'm proud of it. :)

Fast forward to around 2 years later.
Uni life's great when your social circle comprises of 
so many unique individuals regardless of their race,
and I've never felt more alive and happy.

I know that conflicts may occur,
and in fact it will arise as with in any family,
but I will always choose to have faith in humanity,
in the people that makes Malaysia, Malaysia.
Those that write in defense of unity 
also has my utmost respect 
as they had to (sometimes) endure being bashed 
quite harshly by keyboard warriors.

There may be certain issues that cause us 
to harbour distrust among each other,
but this is Malaysia.

With our imperfect politics,
with our perfect food,
with our controversial policies,
with our warm people,
with jokes only we understand,
even with our own bahasa rojak.

Malaysia is us, and we are her.

PS For those who think that patriotism means not criticising whatever happens in the country, 
please remember that it is precisely because of love that we act the way we do ✌️