Friday, October 22, 2010

Tchoukball Experience

All Form 3's had a taste of Tchoukball today.
It was definitely unique!
According to Wikipedia,
Tchoukball was invented by a Swiss biologist
as he wanted to build a harmonious society through sports.
Instead of suffering injuries,
Tchoukball (pronounced chukeball)
promotes teamwork and good values
by prohibiting contact and 
defenders can't intercept the attacking's team passes
(unlike basketball and football).
If I'm not mistaken,
I think this is the only sport which 
cares about society.

Whether we practised passing, shooting or defence,
it was fun and enjoyable-what's more for me who dislikes most ball games. 
Heh.  :)
Our instructor,
Reggie and Khai Yin helped us a lot
in the process of understanding the game
and all the rules,
a big TQ to them!  ^^
Our class's representatives even competed with
3B's representatives
but we lost...
maybe we can win the prize for loudest cheerleading?

We only got to play for about 4 hours
but they asked us to stay back from 1-3 p.m,
so that's like a bonus for those who want to know more.
Unfortunately I didn't go (transportation issues)...  :(
But that 4 hours certainly made an impact on my life!
Hope to see them again soon~

Tchoukball attack!