Friday, February 25, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore

While waiting for Lydia to compose her new blog post
(yes I'm waiting XD)
I vaguely remembered the tons of pics
in my folder, waiting to be unearthed.
I found the file "Universal Studios"
and the rest is history. :D

The unofficial entrance to the USS.

The globe is very 3D-ish. Including the mist. :)

Shrek's Far Far Away Castle.

The 4D adventure further enhances the Shrek experience.
My eyes stayed shut almost half of the time cause' it's scary and very realistic!

The interior of the Castle includes minor details like these. 

In the food court at The Lost World.

Here comes Egypt! :D

A trip down the archaeological valley in Egypt. 

There's beetles, snakes and lots more. Sound effect included too. ;)

Love NY the most! <3

NY streets.

They even have the drill normally found in the Big Apple.

"Lights, Camera Action!" is the best highlight of USS! 
It's amazing effects demonstrates what directors of film
deals with to produce effects that brings viewers to another world altogether.   

All sorts of hats available.

Doll-like girls dancing to the "Hits of the 50's".

Mel's Drive-In's fries and milk shake. Yum! 

Back to Egypt for "The Revenge of The Mummy" roller coaster ride.
It's a thriller

Place to buy souvenirs, plush toys etc.

Last stop: Hollywood. 

We also went to see a concert of some sort
  comprising zombies and monsters. 
Didn't know Frankenstein can sing! Lol. :D

We missed some attractions
so we plan to go there again soon. 
Till then. :)