Friday, July 24, 2015

1st Year of Uni Life

I think I owe my uni life
2 sem's worth of blog posts.
2 sems a.k.a 1 year of uni life
has flew past me.
Another one month plus 
and I will be back in campus 
as a 2nd year senior.

It seemed like yesterday
when we received our respective offers
to pursue our degrees 
at the airport.

It seemed surreal back then.
Partly because this is what I've been
studying hard for all my life:
for a chance to be admitted into a university.
And finally,
as the words "Tahniah" flashed across my eyes
after I've nervously clicked the "Submit" button,
my dreams came true. 

What was sweeter was the fact 
that I was with my closest friends,
and we shared the joy together. 

 Hours before knowing our results hehe.

Fast forward to approximately one year later.

Met a lot of people, 
made a lot of new friends.
And learnt lots of stuff from em,
ranging from completely normal
to insanely weird haha.
Love their randomness to bits. 

My roommate and I with our 1st Starbucks haha.
C414 housed all of our secrets,
our advices to each other,
everything from clothes and food to strength to overcome 
any personal problems that we had. 
Will miss her greatly as a roommate
and frequent companion in buses, classes and shopping. :'(

We plan to take this photo every year at the same position.
And our position was relative to our positions in the namelist!
How cool's that haha.
Cr: Jin Yao

Kept in touch with Eximians too.
We had short gatherings every time we had the opportunity.
Although I admit that the faces
we frequently see during gatherings
are usually the same,
I am grateful that the Eximius family bond is still intact.
No matter what,
you don't forget family. :)

 One of a few gatherings that we had in KTSN when they came by,
often peppered generously with laughters.

Barry left KTSN shortly after,

but we still think of him as an ex-KTSN Eximian. :)
Was inducted into the buddy system 
and attended various buddy gatherings.

Will miss the 4th years next sem hmm :'(
 Challenged my limits 
in various extra-curricular activities.
 Learnt debating AP style,
participated in various community services,
went camping,
joined PMFFar.
And many more valuable experiences
that I'll never forget.

Rx Hawks. 
Learnt not to let the team down,
and felt a very strong connection with this team.
Next sem we will be joining NPDC as a team together with Tan. 
Do wish the best for us! :D

Community services. 
Felt really great to participate in these meaningful activities
with fellow coursemates.

GAIN 3.0 family.
Learnt a lot together.
Of course, we had fun in the process too! ;)

Attended various nights 
(3 nights in a year wow, 
although technically one of em
 was a lunch this year).
 Performed dancing in one,
music in the other two.

 College band a.k.a The Liberation a.k.a the gym band.
In our fun, quirky selves heheh.

Dr Hanif's and the 4th years' last performance with the band sobss :(
Had a great time with em too! 

 Coursenight a.k.a Farewell Night.
Dancing to 2NE1.
Tbh I dunno what to make out of the whole experience.
But at least I tried dancing haha.

Knew how to take public transport
around KL
 (as in the monorail haha)
and use MyTeksi better. 

Outings around KL.
Trying lots of different foods.
 By far the most delicious dessert 
I have ever had the pleasure to taste!
Salon Du Chocolat doesn't disappoint,
but prepare your wallet too. ;)
Watching more movies. 
Shopping like adults.
That 1 day when band members went out together 
after a spontaneous idea to go watch a movie 
right after college lunch.

Awesome band mates and Elin, AJK Persembahan. 
Absent was Win Wei and Emir :(
We were at KLCC's waterfall after Pitch Perfect 2 :)

 That 1 day travelling to Publika for Dangerous Ideas
and then to The Curve to meet Elizabeth Tan 
with a companion that is always ready
to talk about anything ranging from our education system
to music.

Two inspiring women in a day 
for another pair of younger women. ;) 

Not to forget, 
going to my first ever concert 
watching Pentatonix live with Munyee!! 
Pentatonix ahhh! :DDDD
Then there were the post finals outings.
Sunway Lagoon and FRIM with coursemates
and road trip with Eximians.
Had a great time just relaxing after the stress of finals.

Sunway Lagoon with coursemates.
Had an awesome time challenging our physical limits,
and we got to know each other's fears.
Pictured with the Vuvuzuela,
undoubtedly the best experience in SL evah :D

FRIM with them the following day.
Ikr what a marathon haha.
Having a picnic turned out to be tricky
cos we were afraid of leeches.
But we did it anyway hehe. *peace*

Road trip ending in Pantai Morib's sunset. 
A beautiful trip with Eximians. :') 
During breaks,
I indulged 
(and am still indulging, since now is break season haha)
in music and books.
I touch the guitar every single day
that I can,
and I read as many books 
as I can manage.

Look at how my face lights up at the touch of a guitar!
Okay I'm exaggerating haha but it feels really good
as I strum my way to another zone.
If I could nominate Book of the Year,
I would nominate Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.
It induced in me a paradigm shift 
that I've never experienced 
since reading Tuesdays With Morrie 
and The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teenagers
when I was just a teenager.
More on that in another blog post.

And of course most importantly,
I am inching my way forward
to be a pharmacist.
Baju korporat and nametag,
which translated to pelajar prasiswazah Fakulti Farmasi yeay. :)

 Especially loved Sains Formulasi
because we were required to 
prepare the formulations ourselves.

 My trial products: emulsion, cream and suppository. :D

Then there were interesting lab sessions
such as when we learnt how to conduct
different routes of administration.

 Lab mates for PD. 
Absolutely fun group to be with!

 Lab mate for KO and SF, Thiviya. :D

Love handling the microscope! 
My childhood dream haha.

Pharmacist As A Profession 
was also an interesting course 
as the history of the profession
and what our profession does 
laid the foundations of 
knowledge in the field of Pharmacy 
that we will soon acquire.
I'd like to believe that
behind every science pursuit,
humanities lies at its very core.

I also learnt that studying
should never be about 
obtaining the perfect CGPA/grade.
Yes, a good CGPA is important,
but what's more important
is the fact that you've learnt something.
Learning is for life,
and so is the knowledge gained.
What use would it be 
if one just memorised in an attempt
to score a good CGPA
and allow the knowledge
to dissipate as soon as the exam finishes? 

In short,
I grew in many different ways.
(Like for eg,
my hair grew longer too haha) 
 Time is a teacher in itself.

And I know that I will 
grow more next sem,
if I keep an open mind 
and be brave to accept the challenges
in whatever form they may come.

Can't wait for the adventure to start already! ;)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Look

So after hours of going through 
1. choosing the right template
2. editing XML
3. giving up and finding a new one
I finally did it!
Thanks to this website ,
which really made it super easier 
compared to editing XML.
Just a few touches here and there,
and this blog looks refreshed :D

Looking back,
I think I've used that template
for a fairly long time already.
Was much more patient editing HTML then.
Or was it because I am not used to XML hmm.
Didn't even screencap my old one
to reminisce in later days haha.
But just to refresh,
it was a blue blanket-ish template
which made me feel homey at the time.

Now that I've changed my tastes again,
I decided to embark on a project 
to refresh my blog haha.
It also feels better to write 
when the template is right.
(bloggers will know ;) )

Besides that,
I've changed my blog name to "Iridescence"
instead of "My Life and Everything About It"
which was not true anyway
since what I write here is just 20% of it lol.
 Chose it because its definition of
"exhibition of colours like those of the rainbow"
is beautiful.
I hope that my life will be as colourful too :)

So here's to a new look,
new name,
and more posts to come!