Friday, July 2, 2010

Choir (Patriotic) Competition State Level 2010-Pictures

Here are the pictures taken after the announcement that
we are in 2nd place.
Still happy,
though not satisfied.
don't wanna babble anymore!
Enjoy! ;)

Gila pic, as Pn Elaine says it. Heh.

Naib Johan trophy.

Dunno what's in that box...

Choir (Patriotic) Competition State Level 2010

We lost to Bukit Baru!
Everything seemed to hang at one point
and then the host said
(much to the disappointment of MGSS girls,
though we expected it deep in our hearts)
sekolah yang mendapat tempat kedua ialah .......
SMK Perempuan Methodist!
I think we did better now
than we did at the Nationals' last year,
though the Nationals' was more important.
We were hoping for a miracle......
But when their performance started,
our hope (or maybe only mine)
started to fade.
We were still hoping for a miracle when the host
announced the 2nd place winner.
But it would just be unfair to put down such an amazing group.
I guess we just learn our lesson
(though history repeats itself ever so oftenly)
and move on with life.
Which means,
another choir competition that we will
definitely try to give more competition to our rivals.