Saturday, December 21, 2013

Just Another Statistic?

Not to sound pessimistic
or anything of that sort,
but while I was liking FB posts
with thousands of likes,
I started to realise that
 each and every one of us 
is truthfully,
merely a statistic.
If the Earth is so small compared to the universe,
then what are we?

Who are we?

Maybe that teaches us humbleness,
that despite everything,
we are just a small dot in the universe.

Actually, not even close. 

But then again,
great leaders like Nelson Mandela
changed his country with 
his enthusiasm and passion to end inequality.
Being a dot is not so bad after all,
so long as it is a dot that benefits other dots.
Kinda reminded of the connect-the-dots game 
that we used to play.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Big Bad Wolf Experience

BBW 2013 is here!
And it's nearing the end of it already sobs.
6-15 Dec of really really good deals.
Yum yum. :d

Anyway this year I missed the other one 
at the beginning of this year,
so I resolved to go to this one.
First heard of BBW from my aunt who is a book-a-holic
and dreamed of going there one day.
Now I could!
Plus this time it's at MIECC
which is very near to UKM Bangi (yeah!).
How can I NOT go right?

One day before was feeling kinda sick
but told myself to soldier on despite feeling weak.
The sacrifice was worth it.
As soon as we entered the hall,
Yen got hold of Angels and Demons.
And there were still quite a lot of it,
the perks of getting there early.

we were not early enough.
My friend told me that Hunger Games 
were out like during the preview sale
which was one day before the sale started.
My advice is to get hold
of preview-sale passes
so that you can get the best-of-the-best deals before the rest do.
How to get them?
Apparently BBW did organize some contests of 
which I have absolutely no knowledge of. :'(
Lesson learnt:
follow their blog, fb, twitter, insta..
Be their stalker,
and you shall be rewarded. 
But then again you must win la. Haha.

Where was I again?
Oh yeah. So after that I split with my friends
and we kept calling each other when we found
books that the other might like.
What to do,
the place was huge!
But of course we're not complaining.
Although I was sick,
I instantly felt better when surrounded by tons
of great book deals and bookworms like me.
Now talking about bookworms,
seriously they are die hard fans of books.
I thought only a few would heed the advice of bringing trolley bags
but most of them did.
Proud of my fellow Msians,
this certainly is a good trend.
That day I realized that
maybe it's not that Msians do not like to read 
(2010 stats showed that Msians read an average of 8-12 books),
but the books here are simply too expensive.
5 books here at BBW is equivalent to a 
Dan Brown novel costing RM40 at any bookstore.
And I must mention, 5 good books at that.
Books like Eat. Pray. Love. by Eli Gilbert.
So of course,
everybody went crazy over all the good deals.

I thought I couldn't make the 
whole perimeter but I did. 
Well almost.
Was there with Yen for about 7-8 hours.
Finally after much deliberation,
we picked the books that we wanted most and proceeded to pay.
But the queue was really, really long.
I guess we were fortunate already
because just read another blog about the 
poor efficiency of past BBW events in handling payment.
This time,
them being experienced and all,
I found myself a little surprised that 
the payment process went about smoothly.
Kudos to the BBW crew for handling 
such chaos in a professional manner.
*thumbs up*

was really happy with my loot hehe. :)

  For those out there who still haven't experienced BBW,
please DO!
You will never regret it, 
especially if you are a die-hard bookworm. :)