Sunday, January 12, 2014


So it's Sunday again.
But no ordinary Sunday,
cause we are having SUKAP (Sukan AsasiPINTAR) 
this week. :D
With my sore upper arm
due to more than the 
amount of exercise that I'm accustomed to,
surprisingly feelings of content and calmness surged through me
instead of fatigue.
It's been a while 
as assignments and quizzes bombarded us every week,
but we soldiered on nevertheless,
knowing that challenges are great for growth.

It's really nice to just
have a short respite from all the chaos.
Besides that,
this is a great opportunity not only
to strengthen the bond between EXIMIUSians,
but also to showcase class spirit and 
their sports talent besides their academic talent.

what a wonderful weekend.
It made me rethink about my so-called "problems"
which in actual fact were so small and insignificant.
It's hard to avoid overthinking sometimes,
but at least now I know the best avenue to it:
especially those involving chasing things around.
Somehow it distracts you from overthinking 
compared to sports such as jogging 
which worsens the condition.

*PS Greatly indebted to so many ppl
yesterday and today for their help, advice and support.
Congrats to all who won and didn't,
cause at the end of the day,
we are all winners. :)