Friday, November 8, 2013

Random Sem Break Post

I know I'm supposed to sleep,
but I can't.
The night feels like it had been stretched infinitely long.
That calls for a decent amount 
of what I call:
I would shamelessly admit
that more often than not,
emotions get the better of me during 
these mind escapades. 
But it is for the better.
For at these times,
I reflect on almost everything 
ranging from self, others, country,
and even the world.  
Introversion reigns supreme,
and the only sounds that you hear
are the whirring of a mind in motion.
I started to realise
the beauty of rational thinking coupled with emotions.
Rational thinking should always come first,
after which emotions help to strengthen that particular thought.

These few days,
I felt as if I've returned to the world.
Finally get to touch the papers and 
have the time to digest them!
I vowed previously to get in touch with current happenings
but time was a precious commodity so I rarely did. 
Gonna handle it much more carefully this time!

maybe my main reason of 
expressing my thoughts here is
to stop being sad, 
frustrated, confused.
It's just, quite simply put, 
not worth it.
Do you know that feeling
when giving up is the only option?
When giving up is actually good?
Giving up requires courage,
and so I'm doing it now, 
one step at a time. 

And lastly,
after going through my friend's blog,
I realised that hey,
we have our own independent
thoughts about certain people,
we have problems-family, friends, relationships,
we have pain that we try to hide with our smiles,
we accept adversity and 
grow with our newfound inner strength.
We are all the same.
Never say that you are alone.
Once you reach out,
someone will be there to take your hand,
to lend you a shoulder to cry on,
to give you a hug,
or even a pat on the head,
assuring you that everything will be alright in the end.

"Life's a climb,
but the view's great"

P.s. This post is so random haha :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ASASIpintar UKM Sem 1:Checked

Since I promised somebody I would post something up
(you know who you are ;) ),
I decided to do just that..
in the wee hours of the morning.
Long story involving my sleeping habits ._.

Anyway, so now's the sem break.
ASASIpintar's only 1 week.
However I think that's just enough.
Too little, and you just don't get to feel
the difference between sem 1 and 2. 
Too many, and one's brain will get rusty and dusty.
(Okay maybe just a little,
but still)

Sem break's making me reflect on Sem 1.
Besides feeling upset about QOS's imminent separation,
I was also thinking about ways to improve 
the way I handle assignments etc.
and at the same time having adequate sleep.
Ever since I pulled an all-nighter for the final sem exams,
my sleeping pattern has been going haywire.
Not good for the body. 
In short, 
time management meant everything so yeah,
gotta change my game plan. 

Talking bout QOS,
boy will I miss them!
Although we will still be in the same batch,
we will never be in the same class again.
I could still remember Miss Suganty's answer 
when Tan asked will we 
be assigned to different classes next sem.
After that,
Pn Aqilah told us the same thing too 
and everybody protested.
But in the end,
the decision's final.

It is in plain view that all of us love our classmates dearly.
Maybe the small class size and our surprising
compatibility with each other contributed to that.
But maybe, just maybe,
this separation is for the best.

No matter what,
I will never ever 
forget the memories that we had together :')
The Fb comment-spamming, kerek jokes,
walking back to KKM together,
outings, drama-productions, learning together in classes, 
celebrating birthdays together, 
creating "scandals" *geleng kepala*,
having discussions at the cafe's couch, 
enjoying treats together in Research Skills class,
supporting each other during difficult times..and many more.
So many memories in such a short time.

These beruks are my family at UKM,
and I hope our bonds will last a lifetime :')

Our last bday celebration with Yen and Hazril. 

Not forgetting EXIMIUS 1314.
They are awesome as well!
Still remembered the time that 
we went camping together.
That was when we really bonded.
Then we also prepared the Raya celebration performance and 
celebrated Mooncake Festival together.

With both classes being hybrids of the 3 classes,
we will surely be much closer to each other :)

A shoutout to Yennieyenna. 
Thanks for being there for me, 
for all of us.
Will always cherish the memories between us :')
I hope I still can ceroboh your room even when 
we are not in the same class.
Ah the thought of that makes me sad already. 
As for the rest,
I've conveyed it in the pdf :))

During Nobelist Mindset with Yen :)

The only thing that will remain the same
next sem is my roomie,
1nonlyCMY :D
Glad to have her as roomie,
but dunno whether she feels the same hehe.
Honestly I think my part of the room's messier just a lil.
Okay that's the truth anyway :(
Thanks for introducing me to really good Kpop songs
(er until now I haven't downloaded haihh)
and dramas (Criminal Minds here I come!).
Also not forgetting you accompanying me 
on various occasions :')
And sorry if I laughed a tad 
too hard sometimes,
you are just too cute xD

Did I mention that I learnt a lot from all of them?
Positivity, critical thinking etc.
It's a diverse community of nerds
and psychos,
but I love them all the same. 

In short,
being here is one of the best decisions that I have made.
Getting pumped for Sem 2 already :) 

P.s All the best to EXIMIUS 1314! We can do it! #Quatre Plat