Friday, November 8, 2013

Random Sem Break Post

I know I'm supposed to sleep,
but I can't.
The night feels like it had been stretched infinitely long.
That calls for a decent amount 
of what I call:
I would shamelessly admit
that more often than not,
emotions get the better of me during 
these mind escapades. 
But it is for the better.
For at these times,
I reflect on almost everything 
ranging from self, others, country,
and even the world.  
Introversion reigns supreme,
and the only sounds that you hear
are the whirring of a mind in motion.
I started to realise
the beauty of rational thinking coupled with emotions.
Rational thinking should always come first,
after which emotions help to strengthen that particular thought.

These few days,
I felt as if I've returned to the world.
Finally get to touch the papers and 
have the time to digest them!
I vowed previously to get in touch with current happenings
but time was a precious commodity so I rarely did. 
Gonna handle it much more carefully this time!

maybe my main reason of 
expressing my thoughts here is
to stop being sad, 
frustrated, confused.
It's just, quite simply put, 
not worth it.
Do you know that feeling
when giving up is the only option?
When giving up is actually good?
Giving up requires courage,
and so I'm doing it now, 
one step at a time. 

And lastly,
after going through my friend's blog,
I realised that hey,
we have our own independent
thoughts about certain people,
we have problems-family, friends, relationships,
we have pain that we try to hide with our smiles,
we accept adversity and 
grow with our newfound inner strength.
We are all the same.
Never say that you are alone.
Once you reach out,
someone will be there to take your hand,
to lend you a shoulder to cry on,
to give you a hug,
or even a pat on the head,
assuring you that everything will be alright in the end.

"Life's a climb,
but the view's great"

P.s. This post is so random haha :)

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