Thursday, May 22, 2014

ASASIpintar 2013/2014: Memories of EXIMIUS 1314

Weeks have passed since our separation.
But there's a nagging voice urging me
to conclude this journey with words.
to not let those memories fade away with time.
Words have the potential of transforming memories
from subtle imaginations to concrete realities of the past.
They can also serve as a reminder that this journey existed,
that it is not only a figment of my imagination.

But alas,
I realize now
that there are too many memories created,
that it would be a hard task to list them all in their minutest details.
I will attempt to generally describe some of them. 


Registration. Unpacking with roomie. 
Meeting new friends. Eating a LOT. Having briefings by various parties.
Playing orientation games. 

First week.

 Lecturers introducing themselves. Off-level tests. Getting to know classmates better.
Sending off some classmates. First walking back and whole class pic together. 

QOS. (AP102, Grandeur). AP102. (Budindin). EXIMIUS. 

Too many memories, but only one universal word:
Family. Famille. Familia. 가족. Aile. 
Ps the last one is translated to a language 
that a certain member of QOS always says he is heading to ;D


Inspiring. Helpful. Funny. Warm. Kind. Critical-minded. Open. 
And so many more that I've learnt from them.
Thank you for everything, lecturers!

Movie making (Jati diri, LitApp) and movie premiere.

This was when we bonded over jokes, discussions at KKM's sofas,
 filming, editing, lack of sleep and baking (movie premiere).

 Watching the movie again and laughing hard xD. (JD)

Movie premiere for QOS before the real movie premiere. (LA)

Cookies! We also made muffins,
 all with the guidance of Sifu Hazril and the cooperation of QOS-ers, 
not to mention help from Eximius as well!

Movie premiere :)

EXIMIUS :) (cr: Aman)

Quizzes. Assignments.

Weekly affair for some subs especially during Sem 2.

Lab experiments and reports.

Where science came alive.


Research Skills lecturer.
Mentor. Supervisor.
Google Scholar.
Gaya UKM.
Proposal to final draft.
Priceless exposure and experience.


Blue and maroon.
Senam 1M.


It all started when several QOS-ers agreed to
open a Whatsapp group for QOS.
Then each class of Sem 1 and 2 and Eximius got one too.
Until now, as soon as the WiFi is switched on, 
the messages from both QOS and EXIMIUS 
would just start flowing in like a tsunami.
I've long raised the white flag ever since ;).
But I confess that
a small part of me wishes this to continue forever :)

Just a few days, but..


Now, now. Who won the Best Couple of the Year ;)
Not to mention the many other scandals haha.
Okay better stop,
lest karma catches up with me!


No device's safe when an Eximian's near..
unless it's fully protected by armours
in the form of alpha or alphanumeric.

* "" = jokingly.

Birthday celebrations.

There were 3 stages to this:
Planning (mostly through Fb).
It got more extreme as Sem 2 came to an end.
Let's just say that
several Eximians 
are naturally talented juice-makers. :P


UKM Bangi's greenery made it a great place to jog.
Also a great time to share our stories, fears, hopes and motivations. :)
Btw Tan,
I see where the #healthylifestyle came from already! B)

Walking back.

30 minutes.

"Tumpang kereta".

10 minutes.
Preferred way of getting back during Sem 2 when class ended early.
2 modes: Lecturers/Strangers.
No limits to the type of vehicle.

Music. Earphones. Headphones. Spotify.

Entertainment when we had no time to find one.

Youtube. RM. Korean dramas.

Entertainment when we had slightly more time to spare.
The last 2 was kinda a norm, but personally I'm not into them.


Selfie-ing's a trend for most Eximians,
whether it's in a group (mostly after doing certain activities together as a batch),
in a smaller group,
or alone.
As Sem 2 came to an end,
coincidentally the song #SELFIE became a hit.
What a fitting farewell song to describe us :')
P.s The main trend in selfie-ing is the "before-after" inspired by an Eximian ;)

Taking sleeping pictures.

It's dangerous to sleep anywhere as long as there's a camera nearby.
Okay I'm guilty of attempting to take some too,
but with 0% success rate lol.
(sorry Carol & Mun Yee)
Just couldn't beat seasoned experts ;)


Jaring. Tetamu. Warga.
Signing in used to be a daily routine. :)
Important for work and play.



Place where fatigue's exchanged with vigour.
Proud co-inhabitant of 71231 with roomie.
Been through a lot together-
spiders, cats, buses, brooms, alarm clocks, food, books. :')


A place to be in to prevent sleepiness.
A place I grew fond of because of the countless nights I spent there,
sometimes alone, sometimes with others.
Not to forget the various meetings we had together.
Of course,
it's the best place to satiate hunger EVER in UKM Bangi
(based on my very limited experience though).
The food's no doubt delish :d
The other features of the cafe:

The couches.

Meetings with QOS were mostly conducted here,
especially while discussing details of the movie.
Several other meetings were conducted here as well.
Place to sleep for some if planning to
pull an all-nighter.
Also place for birthday celebrations :)

One of the many meetings that we had. 

After movie premiere, everybody shared the goodies together. :) 
#EXIMIUSspirit #sharingiscaring

One of the many bday celebs ;) (cr: Zaid)

Photocopy shop.

Very crucial to those who have no printer!
Eximians could be seen entering and exiting it frequently,
especially during the submission of first draft and final report.
On another note,
R.I.P to the helpful photocopy abang, 
you will always be remembered for your helpful service and sincere smile.

Bilik Budaya.

Another place for meetings.

Excos prep for dinner night.

Bilik Kalkulus.

It's actually called Keris Panca Delima if I'm not mistaken.
But since AP202 used it for Calculus,
we called it Bilik Kalkulus instead ;)
Studied and did some research in there as well.
The cool air-cond was an added advantage!

Towards the end,
the white board was used to express some of our feelings
and to recollect some memories. :)

The colourful area with sofas.

 Meetings again.
The place QOS gathered for one last time before Asasi ends :')
Violin practices, both duet and solo.

The lobby.

Not really sure whether it's called lobby or not hmm.
Place where AP102 tried out the water balloon.
QOS gathered for pizza heree :d

Badminton court.

Leisure playing.
SUKAP prep.

Basketball court.

Fire practice.
Chap Goh Mei.
Stalker and second stalker revelation.
Last night.

Netball court.

AP102 girl's rep for SUKAP's bola jaring event's secret ;)

I found this pretty accurate:

(cr: IPT Troll)


Classes, where exploring and questioning were widely encouraged.

Cafes and food. And selfie.

Last meal at Permata. 

Science labs, Makmal Komputer and other makmals.

Last Chemy lab.

Lecturer's office. Meeting rooms.
Corridors and
even toilets.
Every inch of Permata could be linked
to a certain memory,
whether it's handing in the assignments,
or just having casual conversations peppered with laughter.


Where I find and found what I'm looking for.


Main saviour when the cafe's closed.
Where I fell in love with Nasi Ayam Kukus :d 

Nadi Putra. KTM. Taxi. RapidKL.

Where independence's celebrated.

Le Fovero.

Band. Specifically set up for dinner night.
Mentored by Dr Rizwan.
State of the art facilities in the music room
ensured that we practiced smoothly.
Had great times practicing with these awesomely talented peeps!

Wanted to walk back after a late practice. 
Fortunately there were lecturers that gave us a ride back to KKM!

Band mates and our supervisor.

Malam C.I.N.T.A. Eximius

Everybody dressed to the nines. :)

Everything went smoothly,
with the cooperation and leadership of fellow Eximians.
Lucky draw.
Surprise gifts for them.
Anddd..last night. Nuff said.

It's amazing how countless memories can be
 created over a relatively short period of time.
Lessons learnt.
Stress endured.
Laughters shared.
Tears flowed and dried.
Eyes and mind opened.
Most importantly,
we became a family of Eximians,
a bond that I hope would last as long as possible.
Because "There are friends, there is family,
and then there are friends that become family".

There's a quote that goes like this
"People may forget what you say,
but people will never forget how you make them feel".


Thank you Eximius, PPpN and UKM. 

All the best in your future endeavors! 
May we constantly
aim for what our batch name stands for,
never less.

Till we meet again. 

Quia eximietas do lux.

Once an Eximian,
forever an Eximian.