Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Genting 2011

Last week was FUN! :D
Besides food, food and more food,
we went to Genting's famed theme parks.

Lotus's Nasi Briyani in PJ, Selangor.
Although the price's slightly steep (RM12)
but it's worth every cent! Yum!! :d


*pant* Tiring!

Rain! :(

SMK San Min's band performing popular tunes.

My bro, seconds before torturing me
by spinning the wheel like KRAY-ZAY!

Tiger's too naughty =.=

View from the Monorail.

We are above the clouds! (:

Spinner (my fav ride) in all its glory at night.

Reindeer ride.

The Gondola.
We sat two rounds since we're sleepy!

Make-A-Wish. :)

Too bad it rained heavily and we couldn't go on
the flume ride.
We also missed the splash pool. :(
rain=less people
so that's the main advantage I guess.
 The bumper car, indoor's roller coaster, 4D motion master
(this time it's Pirate Story)
 and many more also entertained us. :)

the ones my bro and I really look forward to
were either closed down or dismantled completely.
Examples are the Toboggan, the Dragon roller coaster
and the Mine Train roller coaster.
And since we do not fancy Solero Shot and the Corkscrew,
the only way of getting adrenaline pumping in one's veins
is by the Spinner,
 which I got on 3
The Pirate's Ship which's supposed to
go high up in the air
also didn't go up that high since the rain
made the brake less efficient.

That day,
we left the cool mountains with mixed feelings.
Genting's theme parks may be one of the best
 and well-loved in M'sia
but sadly, the quality of entertainment
provided is deteriorating,
and it's not because of the rain.
The monorail enabled us to view the
dilapidated buildings and neglected rides.
The toboggan was actually dismantled.
Paints were falling off.

Hopefully something will be done to maintain
that magical spark the Outdoor Theme Park once had.