Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Look

So after hours of going through 
1. choosing the right template
2. editing XML
3. giving up and finding a new one
I finally did it!
Thanks to this website ,
which really made it super easier 
compared to editing XML.
Just a few touches here and there,
and this blog looks refreshed :D

Looking back,
I think I've used that template
for a fairly long time already.
Was much more patient editing HTML then.
Or was it because I am not used to XML hmm.
Didn't even screencap my old one
to reminisce in later days haha.
But just to refresh,
it was a blue blanket-ish template
which made me feel homey at the time.

Now that I've changed my tastes again,
I decided to embark on a project 
to refresh my blog haha.
It also feels better to write 
when the template is right.
(bloggers will know ;) )

Besides that,
I've changed my blog name to "Iridescence"
instead of "My Life and Everything About It"
which was not true anyway
since what I write here is just 20% of it lol.
 Chose it because its definition of
"exhibition of colours like those of the rainbow"
is beautiful.
I hope that my life will be as colourful too :)

So here's to a new look,
new name,
and more posts to come!

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