Thursday, May 2, 2013

Life Goes On

Ok so with Laura
pestering me to
"update my blog",
I decided to do it once and for all. xD
Um, to be honest
nothing much happened
except working,
driving lessons,
SPM results day,
driving test (passed!),
prize-giving day and
the announcement of matriculation results (yay!).
The days in between were spent
staring at the idiot box and
surfing the Internet,
mostly about further study options
to put unnecessary stress on myself.
Also went into overthinking mode
before SPM and matric results
were announced. Heh.
But all's well at last. :)
Soon, most of us 95's will
be back studying,
either in public or private institutions.
It will be an entirely new battle
for all of us.
But no matter what,
I believe that all of us will
march forward with our dreams
firmly embedded in our minds.
To the 95's,
cheers to us!
And all the best in your future endeavours! :)

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