Saturday, December 21, 2013

Just Another Statistic?

Not to sound pessimistic
or anything of that sort,
but while I was liking FB posts
with thousands of likes,
I started to realise that
 each and every one of us 
is truthfully,
merely a statistic.
If the Earth is so small compared to the universe,
then what are we?

Who are we?

Maybe that teaches us humbleness,
that despite everything,
we are just a small dot in the universe.

Actually, not even close. 

But then again,
great leaders like Nelson Mandela
changed his country with 
his enthusiasm and passion to end inequality.
Being a dot is not so bad after all,
so long as it is a dot that benefits other dots.
Kinda reminded of the connect-the-dots game 
that we used to play.



WSYen:) said...

nice thought. hmmmm

an eximian said...

let us all be good dots :)

Another Eximian said...

Let us all be "big" and "attractive" dots ;)